1. when you're out...(from MICI, 2016)

  2. ♩ = (music for dance)

  3. ♪ = 60 (2016)

  4. Remix - "The Business of Us" (2016)

  5. say it with me! (2016), co​-​composed with Justin Comer

  6. WhatMusicIsNot (2016​​)​​, co​​​-​​​composed with Justin Comer

  7. burden (2016), co-composed with Justin Comer

  8. boomdata (2016​)​, co​​-​​composed with Justin Comer

  9. resisting_the_urge_to happen, (2016)

  10. never speak the truth [part 1], (2016), for fixed media

  11. stuck on the floor (2016), for violin and HIDI

  12. there goes the sun (2016), for violin and laptops

  13. not yours, but mine (2015), for Violin and HIDI

  14. DYSPHONIA (2015), for electric violin, saxophone, four laptops (HIDI) and dancers

  15. no more todays onlyesterdays (2015), for Viola, Laptop and HIDI performed by Manuel Tabora Deras

  16. never bowing down (2014), performed by the JACK Quartet

  17. none above me (2014), performed by the JACK Quartet

  18. now we are murderers as well (2014) for violin, viola and bassoon performed by the Enid Trio

  19. ihearwhatyouhear (2014) for solo laptop co-composed with HIDI

  20. Ah! (2014), For Fixed Media

  21. past every exit...(2014) performed by LOUi, the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa, 11/9/14

  22. past every exit...(2014), premiere performance by Justin Comer, jason palamara and HIDI

  23. not in vain (2013), performed by Manuel Tábora Deras

  24. Sniffles (2013) with Lindsay Fisher

  25. We've got soul power (2013), for Chamber Orchestra

  26. Windmusic (2013), from A Dream Play, directed by David Hanzal

  27. Rewind (2013), from A Dream Play, directed by David Hanzal

  28. I Do (2012) for fixed media

  29. deformity (2012) performed by the JACK Quartet

  30. Vexations Variations (2012) performed by the Generous Ensemble

  31. malkovri vin (2010) for unspecified ensemble divisible by 5

  32. perforation (2010), performed by the Center for New Music

  33. Conformity #15 (2010) for fixed media

  34. What We Built There...(2010), co-composed with Nat Evans

  35. Trennungsangst (2009) for fixed media


jason palamara Ames, Iowa

Hello! I am a composer and performer. That means I compete with Beethoven for food. I teach music technology and composition at Iowa State University. I also work as a freelance composer, specializing in music for dance, new music technologies, collaboration and improvisation You can find links to my music, events and more info at www.jasonpalamara.com. Remember: fortune favors the bold... ... more

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