♩ = (music for dance)

by jason palamara

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Justin Comer
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Justin Comer I love the parts of the album where you can hear people in the background. They add a cool sense of space. Favorite track: ♩ = 88.
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♩ = 72 06:50
♩ = 83 07:27
♩ = 60 11:43
♩ = 88 05:00
♩ = 120 15:23


I've had the privilege of writing a lot of music for dances over the past few years. Here's some more of it. Much of this music was recorded created and performed for Jennifer Kayle's Dance Improvisation class at the University of Iowa during the Spring semester of 2016, so the periodic voices, laughter, coughing, sneezing and foot noises are actual dancers that got captured while I was making some of these tracks. However, none of these pieces are the straight up original improvisations I made for the classes. These are more like a set of new pieces made from a set of improvisations that I recorded and performed live.

Working contrary to my usual artistic leanings, I have attempted to make these pieces enjoyable but "meaningless." By this I mean I have left out any overt political, religious, artistic or cultural ideas from these pieces so that what remains is a more or less pure artistic expression. By doing this, I have left the actual interpretation up to other choreographers and artists, who, in accordance with the Creative Commons License, may feel free to download these pieces and use them in their own works. Please adhere to the rules of this license agreement listed here...


That being said, you may feel free to use these tunes for whatever. I'd love to know if you are going to use something of mine! Click on the "Contact jason palamara" link and drop me a line!


released May 4, 2016

Superspecial thanks to Jennifer Kayle, my good friend/birthday mate/patroness/teacher/collaborator/dance muse/friend, who has supported, led, inspired and cajoled me through the whole process of becoming a music-dance guy. One day she took a leap and asked me to start playing my weird cyborg-y made up tunes for her dancers and now I (kind of) do it for a living.

Thanks also to Jennifer's students who have allowed me to experiment while they learn to experiment and improvise movement. This whole thing has changed the way I compose and the way I think about life in general.

Thanks thanks also also to DJ Plie and Mike Wall for giving me a template for how to do this. If any dancer reads this far and for some reason has discovered me without discovering them, please take a break and check out their music. Thanks also to Dr. Mary Cohen, who plays piano on the first track!

Thanks thanks thanks also also also to...my family: Lori, Z, and J, Zach and Maurine, my Mom, Pat and Karole Smith, Rodney Gehman and all my friends at Grace Community Church of North Liberty (who still graciously let me use their violin pickup), Seth and Karissa Pinkerman, David Gompper, Charlotte Adams, Justin Comer, The Uhlmans, The Tesars, The Daniels, The Grubbs, The Welanders, The Burkes, Michele Aichele, Tiffany Gillaspy, The Bentons, Lexi Bass, the staff of Capanna Coffee, iHearIC, all my friends at IMCC and the Oakdale Community Choir and of most importantly, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Musical / production details:
This music was created using HIDI, the Human Interface Digital Intelligence software I've been writing since 2009 and edited using Pro Tools 12, Reason 8 and Ableton Live all at the Capanna Coffee shops in North Liberty and Coralville Iowa. It's amazing where you can make music these days. All laptops used in this project are second hand, freecycle or trash-tops donated by various trashchestra supporters.

Album cover photo by Jonah Lloyd Elrod.





jason palamara Indianapolis, Indiana

jason palamara (human) is a technologist, composer, performer, and educator from Indianapolis, Indiana. As one half of the research initiative Art Via Artifice project, he develops AI and machine learning enabled music performance technologies with his long-term creative partner Scott Deal. He also performs and releases albums as a solo artist and with musician Justin Comer under the name JCϟjp. ... more

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